W3 Enterprises is a programming-focused site that hosts articles and software. The articles are intended for .NET and C# developers of any skill level. They cover language concepts, programming concepts, web server technology and tutorials for new database technologies. As for software you'll find a free database comparison tool for download.


If you're a fledgling programmer or new to C# and .NET I'd recommend reading the article on the C# For statement and the article on C# Strings. This will give you a very solid grasp of two of the most core things in C# development.

If you're about to do any programming that involves I/O are otherwise uses system-level resources be sure to read about Your Friend the C# Using Statement. This article will save you from debugging painful and severe runtime errors that are caused by system resources not being properly cleaned up.

If you're going to be working with IIS and ASP.NET you should consider reading about ASP.NET Web Requests in Detail. This is a long article but totally worth it. It is also a very handy reference if you're having a problem with ASP.NET and are wondering what the heck is actually happening behind the scenes.

You really should think about how you invoke I/O in any situation but we also have an article that is specific to doing Asynchronous Calls in a Web Page. If you're web site is busy, it hits the database a lot, and you're wondering why it's getting slow this may be just the article for you.

If you're interested in learning more about a NoSQL database that cater's to the .NET programmer take a read of the Beginner's Guide to RavenDB.


As developers we often work with databases. One of the things that isn't built-in to many of them is a tool to compare and sync database tables. If you're looking for a free, and very easy to use one check out SQL Table Compare. The source code is also available.

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