SQL Table Compare

SQL Table Compare is an SQL tool that will compare the data in two database tables. The program will show what rows were identical, different, and missing. The tool generates SQL statements that can be used to synchronize the data in the tables. The best part is that it is completely free!

The graphical user interface is designed to be very workflow efficient. It is possible to save a table comparison configuration for later use. F5 runs or refreshes the SQL comparison. Table 1 and Table 2 remain clearly identified throughout the comparison to minimize confusion. The SQL diff engine has been used for years in mission-critical environments. A screen shot:

SQL Table Compare Screenshot

The results of the comparison are organized into "Different", "Missing From Table 1" and "Missing From Table 2". For rows that are different the column values that differ are colored in red. This makes it very easy to find the differences.

If you wish to sync the changes you clickon the "View SQL Sync Statements" link. This will display the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements needed to sync the data. The statements are available for either direction - syncing Table 1 to be the same as Table 2 or Table 2 to be the same as Table 1. You have full control over the sync as you get to choose the SQL statements and run them.

The app is architected to be automated. The core logic is in a separate DLL from the UI. This makes it easy to integrate the ability to compare two tables into existing processes.

Currently only Microsoft SQL Server is supported but addition database providers could be very easily added and the source is freely available.

SQL Table Compare is open source software (OSS). There is no license on this (e.g. GPL); you are free to use the source for any purpose. The code is C# on .NET 2.0.

There are no warranties with this software, express or implied. Use at your own risk and always preview the SQL synchronization statements before executing them.

Download 1.0.3 23 KB

.NET Framework 2.0 required - download here.

Want the source (C#)? Send email to

Version History


[2008-08-06] Updated to fix a bug where the wrong column could be used to identify a row for updating.


[2008-08-25] Updated to identify columns with different values by changing the text to red.


[2010-10-14] Updated to:

  • support Guids
  • fix a PKey bug
  • be compatible with SQL Azure
  • allow the types of comparisons to be performed to be configured
  • allow identical rows to be seen
by Derek Nice tool, love how the comparison configurations can be saved and re-run. Even just saving the server names and databases for frequent use is handy.
by Brad B app doesn't work for tables with no primary keys. bummer but works well otherwise
by jules thanks just what i needed
by xxrter great
by tester I am getting system.outofmemory exception raised. pleas help
by Dora H Great tool. Thank you. It is better to add enhancement to be able to save the db access info so that it does not have to be re-entered every time.
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